The Parting Glass

Blackstone Cúil's second and final album is an exciting representation of the style they developed called Irish Mod - unique interpretations of traditional Irish songs, familiar contemporary, and original works.

Blackstone Cúil

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The critically acclaimed debut album from Blackstone Cúil introducing their style of Irish Mod.

The Storm

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Eight original songs from Mike Ladd called "Beautiful and brave...", and "...quite a monumental piece of music" by critics upon its release in 1997; The Storm remains a brilliant achievement in songcraft and riveting introspection.

In Your Eyes - Blackstone Cúil (Single from The Parting Glass)

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In Your Eyes - Blackstone Cúil
Written by Peter Gabriel; Arranged by Mike Ladd

Recorded at Wachusett Recording Studio, Princeton, MA
Produced by Roger Lavallee & Blackstone Cúil
Engineer - Roger Lavallee
Myra MacLeod - fiddle
John Guertin - drums, percussion
Steve Harnois - bass
Mike Ladd - guitars, vocals
Brendan Keenan - mandolin, Irish bazouki
Brooks Milgate - piano, organ
Photo by Steve Kohlstrom
Art Design by Mike Ladd

Past the Point of Rescue - Blackstone Cúil (Single from The Parting Glass)

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Past the Point of Rescue

Written by Mick Hanly; arrangement by Mike Ladd

Recorded by Blackstone Cúil at Wachusett Recording, Princeton, MA

Produced by Blackstone Cúil & Roger Lavallee

Engineer: Roger Lavallee

Fiddle: Myra MacLeod

Drums: John Guertin

Bass: Steve Harnois

Vocals & Guitars: Mike Ladd

Irish Bazouki, Mandolin: Brendan Keenan

Piano: Brooks Milgate

Photo by Steve Kohlstrom

Art design: Mike Ladd

Eight - Without A Net Musicians

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Without A Net is a collaboration of musicians in Central Massachusetts whose efforts support the world class research taking place at the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence, located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

In February 2009, Pam Spielberg was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Eight months later, she was declared cancer free, thanks to the amazing care she received at the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence, located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Eight years later, she continues to flourish, but does not take one single day for granted.

With gratitude and a deep desire to help other families in their own battles with cancer, Pam’s family created “Team Pam” to support the UMass Memorial Cancer Center.

About Without A Net
When Without A Net musicians come together, they know what songs they will perform, but they purposefully do not rehearse. Instead, they bring their skill and expertise to live in the moment. Like a treatment plan when we deal with cancer, Without A Net is
a balance of preparation, trust and chance—with no promises for the outcome. It’s playing without a net.

Money raised through Without A Net live events and the sale of this recording is donated to support the world class research
taking place at the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence.

Eight Players, Eight Dedications

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the Without A Net musicians, who generously donated their time and talent to this project.

Kent Byron, drums, percussion, vocals
“I’m part of this project because when I was ten years old, I lost my beloved grandfather to cancer. I only knew him for ten years, and that’s why I’m here.”

Joe D’Angelo, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
“Cancer took my parents and all their siblings, and its working on the next generation as we speak, so I can’t think of a more righteous cause to get involved with. I was inspired to write Sweet Courier when my mom was facing her finality.”

Mud Rocheleau-Demers, acoustic guitar, vocals
“I chose Both Sides Now for my sister, who is a breast cancer survivor. Although her body has been so compromised and she has
really struggled, at the same time, her outlook is incredible and she is a real inspiration to me.”

Lydia Fortune, vocals
“I wrote Across the Great Divide about three people I lost; two of them to cancer—my husband and sister. I support Without A Net because it helps fund research so that we don’t lose more people to cancer.

Sten Gustavson, keyboards, vocals
“My mom passed away from glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer. The song I chose, Knee Deep in Water, is about the idea that we’re surrounded by support, if only we have the wisdom and courage to look around and ask for it.”

Mike Harmon, recording engineer, producer
“I had the pleasure of participating in the Without A Net concert a few years ago and when Arny approached me about making
a recording for the project, there was no question that I was in. It’s such a great cause to get behind with the hope that we can
beat this.”

Mike Ladd, acoustic guitar, vocals
“I chose Bridge Over Trouble Water because, for me, that song is a beautiful reminder that we’re here for our loved ones and
the people we care for, and that we can be that bridge to help them through tough times.”

Arny Spielberg, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals
In 2009, my wife, Pam was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and the doctors and clinicians at UMass Memorial Cancer Center saved her life. Without A Net is my way of giving back. You can’t postpone things that bring joy into your life and making music with friends is a joyful thing. Without A Net is a great way to marry those two ideas: to celebrate together, and to do it for an important cause.

Nicole Sutka, bass, flute, vocals
“My song, Below, is about oppression in many forms, but in this context, it’s about sickness and how we survive it. It was easy to
say ‘yes’ to this project, to support and benefit and show love for people who are surviving any kind of hurt.

Without A Net – Eight Years. Eight Players. Eight Dedications. was recorded at Wachusett Recording Company, Princeton, Massachusetts, November 5 and November 12, 2017.

Engineer: Michael Harmon
Produced by Michael Harmon and Arny Spielberg
Liner photographs by Pam Spielberg and Rachel Spielberg
To learn more about the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence, visit www.umassmemorialhealthcare.org


V/A - I Wanna Be A Stooges - A Tribute To Iggy Pop

The Ladd Foundation includes their version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" with the likes of Sex Pistols, The Damned, and Richard Hell..

The Old Vienna Tapes, Vol. 1

A live showcase of some of the best artists that performed at the famous Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, Westboro, MA in the early 1990's acoustic music scene.  Mike Ladd performs his original song "If You Fall".

Chimera - Coming Into Color

Chimera was a high energy rock band from Worcester, MA; Coming Into Color is a 4 song Vinyl EP released in 1985.